Learning Reiki, is it for everyone?

Reiki Advantages For People

There continues to be a lot of discussion as to whether presenting Reiki to anyone is a great move. When you check the internet for newsgroups and health discussion boards, you are going to encounter a lot of changing views about it, even down to the age that a child should be in before the attunement may take place. You will find people who say that a child should be at least eight years old; while other Reiki practitioners will steadfastly point it out that they are going to not accept anyone under the age of eighteen.

There are a lot of things to contemplate, particularly when you aren’t coping or if you not understand well enough that you will end up managing. Yet, one idea is really important – the person itself should be naturally interested in Reiki even before any introduction to learning Reiki is done. Although this early art of Japanese healing is the way to attaining ultimate happiness and well being, you can and must not push such beliefs in any one person. And as a role model for Reiki, it can be your duty to be sure that the person learning isn’t harassed or pressured into doing something against her or his will.

People should be permitted to start and finish their own journey by experiencing life with no forced external intervention. On the other hand, some people say that you can find others who are born with the ability to tap into, access, and use the universal Life Force energy naturally. The people in India for example, have become powerful in their belief that every child’s chakras are open until they reach the age of seven; and if that is not nurtured within that time, they close down eternally.

In order to make certain that people will actually reap the benefits of the procedure, the key is to work with the person by letting them to be how they need to be. Giving them impulsive treatments and letting them go through the procedure on their own can be quite rewarding for the learner. And with that, you give the person the chance to to stay open as a natural healing route and develop in line with their own life path.

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